Fire Department

The Fire Department is dedicated to making our community safer through prevention, education and inspection programs while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. The Department serves the cities of Melrose, Meire Grove, and Greenwald along with the surrounding rural areas.

group of firemen

Early 1900s

Fire Department

  • Fire protection services began in 1884 

  • Department objectives are to preserve and protect life and property, fire prevention, fire fighting, and rescue

  • Members appointed by the Council

  • Department can have up to 30 members             

Fire Relief Association

  • Formed in 1898

  • Association provides retirement relief and other benefits to association members

  • Any active member of the Fire Department is eligible for membership


Tom Budde - Chief
Joe Woeste - 1st Assistant Chief
Carl Worms - 2nd Assistant Chief
Corey Bueckers- Training Officer

fire dept

ladder truck

Fire Chief

Tom Budde


Emergency Information

In case of a fire, call 911,
do not call the Fire Department directly

Meeting Dates / Times

Drill / Training:  1st and 3rd Monday of the Month
Relief Assocation meeting:  1st Monday of the Month