What are the government office hours?

Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

How can I find out about crime prevention programs?

The Department of Public Safety sponsors numerous crime prevention programs, including Neighborhood Watch, Crime Free Multi-Housing. For more information, contact the Police Department 320-256-7211 during regular business hours.

How can I get a copy of a police report?

You can request reports in writing or in person. The cost for each report varies based on the type of report requested.

Is hunting allowed in Melrose?

No hunting or discharge of firearms is allowed in the corporate limits of the City of Melrose. There are numerous hunting areas surrounding the Melrose area. You must own the land or have written permission to hunt. Information on public hunting ground can be obtained at the Department of Natural Resources.

What are the winter parking regulations?

The City of Melrose restricts parking from November 1 through April 1 of each year. Parking is not allowed on City streets from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. in the business district/Main Street. The reason for this restriction is to have streets clear of cars so the Street Department can plow from curb to curb.

What is the difference between being arrested and being charged with a crime?

There is little difference between being arrested and charged with a crime. In both cases a complaint is made, an investigation is done based on the complaint. In the case of being arrested, a person is taken into custody and placed in jail. In the case of being charged with a crime, a summons or citation may be issued instead of being placed in jail. Also, in the case of being charged with a crime, the case is sent to the City or County Attorney's Office for a complaint to be written.

Where is the Melrose Police Department located?

The Melrose Police Department is located at the City Center on the lower level. The address is 225 1st St NE. We are one block east of the intersection of 2nd Ave NE and Riverside Avenue NE.