Planning/Community Development

The Planning Department is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the City's Comprehensive Plan and the City Code of Ordinances through the following:

  • Reviewing land use applications and other planning and zoning requests for conformance with adopted policies and regluations.

  • Conducting long-range planning to guide the future direction of the City.

  • Enforcing violations of the ordinances and regulations through a complaint based system.

  • Serving as the staff liasion to the Planning and Zoning Commission

Community Development Director

Sheila Hellermann




We believe in:

  •      Being resident centered

  •      Having passion for our community

  •      Guarding the public interest

  •      Community collaboration and partnering

  •      Promoting economic development

  •      Community based planning

  •      Expanding employment opportunities and tax base through a proactive business climate

  •      A quality of life emanating from a strong economy, a healthy environment, and social equality.

Interactive Mapping  The Stearns County Interactive Mapping application is designed to help property owners locate and browse properties.