Police Department

The Melrose Police Department provides law enforcement and public safety services for the benefit of the community.

Primary activities include:

  • Enforcement of State and City laws

  • Protection of people and property from criminal activity

  • Traffic control and investigation of traffic accidents

  • Investigation and documentation of complaints related to petty misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors or felonies

  • Administration of crime prevention programs

  • Preventative patrol

The Melrose Police Department is a full service agency made up of administration, patrol and investigations. There is one Police Chief, Sergeant, three Officers, and one full-time support staff who take pride in the service they provide to the community. Police personnel respond to calls for medical assistance, disasters, aid to other departments, calls for service or aid to the public.

The Police Department is highly trained and they meet very high standards.

 Emergency Number 9-1-1

Core Values

Human Life

We value human life as our most precious resource.  In all aspects of our service, we place the highest precedence on the protection of life.  Top priority must be given to those situations which threaten life. Even though society authorizes us to use deadly force in the commission of our service, this responsibility must be justified not only under the law but consistent with our core values.

Public Trust

We value the publics trust.  We recognize the expectations of our citizens that we are competent, will abide by the Constitution and law, will not abuse our power, or use our office for public or private gain.  The manner in which we treat our citizens, our conduct and actions, both individually and collectively are based upon the high value we place on the publics trust.


We value our integrity.  We understand that our conduct both on and off duty must be beyond reproach.  Our conduct is the same, even when no one is watching.


A value that Law Enforcement Officers must possess to have is the ability to preserve life and property.  Courage is control under the most adverse conditions, control under fear, and the ability to do what is right.  Courage is the value that prompts Law Enforcement to take control and if necessary, risk their own lives to defend and protect other human life.


A value that is inherent to understanding or sympathy for the victim or another persons suffering.  The ability to restore order to other’s lives while controlling and understanding personal feelings, which influence individual actions.


A value characterized by freedom from prejudice or favoritism. Fairness is the essential attribute of impartiality and is a cornerstone of the relationship between the citizens and those sworn to protect them.  Law Enforcement Officers must treat all they come in contact without reference to personal feelings, beliefs or interests. 


Being trustworthy and sincere in both personal and professional life.  Lying, cheating, stealing or the appearance of impropriety are unacceptable to the profession of Law Enforcement.