Utility Bill FAQs

How do I know if I have a leak?

  • You cannot always tell if you have a leak. Reading your meter last thing at night and first thing in the morning, will show if water was used. If water was used you should know where it is going. However, take into consideration if your water softner regenerates during the night, to use an alternate night.

Is there a special water/wastewater rate for seniors?

  • No, there is no special rate. Typically, seniors use only the minumum amount of water or slightly above each month and are billed accordingly. Wastewater charges are based on water usage.

Can I make payment arrangements?

  • Payment arrangements can be made to keep your utility bill current. The due date stated on the bill is the 25th of each month. Penalties are charged monthly on the unpaid balance.

Where is my water meter?

  • Your water meter is located inside and a remote meter is attached to the outside of your home/business for easy reading by the City. It can be found in the basement where the water main enters your home. It is important to know where your water main enters your home because this is also where a main shut-off valve is located.