The Wastewater Treatment Facility is a three-million gallon a day Class "A" major mechanical treatment facility. The original facility was constructed in 1963 and has had numerous expansions and rehabilitation projects since then. The current facility can accommodate industry loadings and aggresive future growth needs of the City of Melrose. A series of lift stations and wastewater lines convey the wastewater to the treatment facility.

The water system consists of five high capacity wells, 2 one-million gallon water towers, and a SCADA system to provide security and real-time controls to the wells dependent upon demand.  Average daily pumping rates are >2 million gallons per day. 


If you have questions about the Department Operations please contact:  Tim Vogel: tvogel@cityofmelrose.com, Direct line 320-256-1950; City Offices 320-256-4278.

Wellhead Protection
The City of Melrose, has adopted a Wellhead Protection Plan in accordance to MN State Law.  The plan is created to protect the city's drinking water.

Water/Wastewater Supervisor

Tim Vogel